At Activeplanet Studio, we offer superior value. We try to do a little more than our peers and try to understand what our client's true budgets are.

Sometimes a client doesn't have much to spend which doesn't go very far when he or she has much greater marketing needs (sometimes a client actually doesn't need much more than a simple site too). For example, a restaurant in a highly competitive culinary environment will try to make do with an inadequate branding, print and web campaign when their competition has broken the bank to develop the same only with really high production values.

We work hard to deliver high quality production values for a reasonable price. But if it's necessary for our client to raise more money in order to be adequately competitive, we're not afraid to suggest it. Offentimes you get what you pay for but Activeplanet will help you find the financial sweet spot.

We're not looking to lure single project clients. We prefer to maintain long-term partnerships.

Our hourly rates range between $60 to $120 an hour depending on the scope of the project. We prefer to work based on a flat rate basis as we offer simple web packages (5 pages) for as little as $500.

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