Design Process

Activeplanet Studio ensures success by committing every project to the following creative process:

Definition: We work closely with you to gather the information necessary to fully understand you business, goals, audience, objectives and budget and to clearly define your project requirements and your designed results.

Investigation: We research market trends, your target audience and your competitors' marketing strategy to ensure that our approach to your project is effective, unique and that we distinguish you from your competition.

Conception: We brainstorm ideas and experiment several unique design concepts that are consistent with your needs, objectives and budget.

Creation: We create comprehensive prototype of our best idea and present them to you for your input.

Production: We produce final designs utilizing your input and present them for your approval. Then we present electronic artwork to your printer for reproduction or your web host for publishing on the Internet.

Evaluation: We follow-up with you to determine project success and to ensure we have met your satisfaction.

Portfolio: Print Design - Web Development

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